Propane Benefits

Propane Benefits

There are many reasons to choose propane heat; here are just a few of them:
• Reduced annual heating costs
• Savings from reduced maintenance costs
• Effortless comfort – heat and hot water
• Domestically sourced and abundantly available
• Many uses include: central heating, cooking, clothes drying, back-up power generation, pool heating, and grilling.

The WFC “Local Advantage” Propane Difference

After choosing the best propane equipment to suit your needs, choosing the best propane supplier to suit your needs is the second most important decision consumers will make.

WFC and Gray’s Oil is the best choice for propane delivery and service in the Central area. By choosing WFC customers receive the best combination of pricing, timely/professional service, reliable supply, and friendly customer service.

For more information as to why you should choose to become a WFC propane customer contact a WFC energy advisor.