Don't be caught without this protection!

Annually we replace a number of oil tanks for our customers whose tank has developed a leak, some with tank protection and some without. Always the happiest customer is the one with the protection! Protect yourself with the WFC's Oil Tank Protection Plan to avoid the unexpected cost by enrolling in this very affordable plan.

For additional peace of mind, WFC offers an OIl Tank Protection Program. This program protects you from the expensive cost of replacing your oil tank should the tank itself develop a leak. An annual charge of $42.00 per oil tank is automatically billed to you each October. The annual charge will take care of the cost of a new 275 gallon oil tank and the labor involved in replacing and properly disposing the old oil tank. The program does not cover the cost of bring the oil tank up to Maine State Code. Today's cost of replacing and oil tank can be over $2000.00.

•Who should have tank protection?

Any customer with an oil tank over two years old should have this protection. (Manufacturer's warrantee typically expires after two years.) The age of the tank is no guarantee that it won't develop a leak; we have had oil tanks as new as 6 years develop a leak and require replacement.

•Why should I have it?

The cost of replacing an oil tank today is upwards to $2000.00 including removal and proper disposal of the old tank. This program will control the unexpected expense of this in the event your tank ( the tank itself) develops a leak.

•How much will this cost me if I have tank protection?

You will pay the annual fee, currently $42.00 a year as long as your tank is up to code.

•What if my tank is not up to code?

At the time of replacement we will bring your tank up to Maine State Code and charge you the difference at our current labor rate and parts cost. For example; if your vent or fill are not properly sized according to the existing Maine State Code we will replace it to meet all existing codes or if your tank legs are not to code we will update them and bill you the difference. Still the cost of the tank and labor to pump over the oil, remove the old tank, dispose of and install the new will be covered. The savings is still great!

•How do others plans of this kind compare?

Most other replacement program fees are at least double WFC's cost annually and they only cover the first $500.00 or cap the coverage to a certain amount which results in you paying the difference in the replacement cost plus the code updates.

•Does this plan cover oil clean up?

No, it covers just the cost of replacing the oil tank itself.

For more Information or to enroll in this program please contact WFC at either location, by Phone or Email.