Natural Gas Conversion and Installation Sales

Natural Gas Conversion and Installation Sales

WFC is your one stop shop for all of your natural gas (both commercial and residential) conversions, service and installation needs. Our sales staff will provide you with a free proposal outlining the costs associated with converting existing equipment to natural gas or installing new ultra efficient natural gas equipment. In addition, we will provide you with saving analysis (including annual savings, payback and return on investment calculations) to help you make a decision that is in your best financial interest.

Natural Gas Services

Our service staff is one of the largest in Central Maine comprised of highly trained, professional and dedicated technicians that are capable of providing you with the following:

• Natural gas conversions (from oil, electric or propane to natural gas)
• Installation of new natural gas equipment
• 24 Hour Emergency Service
• Annual Maintenance on all natural gas appliances/systems
• Natural Gas equipment service contracts

Types of Equipment Serviced

On the following types of equipment:

• Boilers
• Furnaces
• Water Heaters
• Garage Heaters
• Decorative Stoves/Fireplaces/Gas Logs
• Pool Heaters
• Generators

Not to worry if natural gas hasn’t reached your area yet! We can still convert you to efficient and affordable propane systems that will save you as much as natural gas systems.